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About Us

Hi, we're Katherine and Mia and we are Influencer besties turned travel UGC creators who specialize in high-quality content for your business to use on all social media platforms. Our aim is to capture the emotions and feelings of what it’s like to stay at your Airbnb or Hotel. We focus on areas that you feel like aren’t performing well and help solve that problem through video and photo.

Our team has a passion for travel and storytelling. We believe that every trip is unique and has a story to tell. By using high-quality video and photo content, we aim to showcase the best of your property to potential guests. Let us help you tell your story and attract more bookings.

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Our Clients

At Jet Setter Besties, we are proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients. Our clients include luxury hotels, vacation rental properties, and tourism activities world wide. We have helped our clients to showcase their unique offerings and attract more bookings through high-quality video and photo content. Contact us to see how we can help your property and city stand out.

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